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Managing priorities can be hard especially when working a full-time job. Before starting my job at SIX3NINE, the gym was my playground. I had a lot of free time and would hit it five times a week; I pretty much planned my daily routine around the gym (and everyone who worked there pretty much knew me…) It may sound excessive, but I had the time to plan, prepare and perform.


So what happens when you start working full-time? How do you continue your fitness journey whilst pursuing a career? Anyone who has made the transition knows that, and I hate to say it, the struggle is real. The early mornings, the lack of energy and motivation; not to mention the fear of losing your hard-earned progress. 


Let me tell you though, it is possible to make it work. 


Here are my four top tips for staying fit whilst working full-time:



001 / B E   A C C O U N T A B L E


I am pretty sure I don’t need to drill-in the importance of nutrition to you but it is arguably the most crucial player in getting you to your fitness goal – be that fat-loss or muscle-gain. If you have a hectic week ahead at work and can only squeeze in one work-out, then don’t stress out over it. Let it be and focus on nailing your nutrition instead. In the grand scheme of things, missing a couple of work-outs will not be detrimental to your success in reaching your goal. However devouring a pack of Caramel McVities every evening… yeah that might. Why not track your food religiously that week on MyFitnessPal and challenge yourself to stick to your macros.You will feel a great sense of achieve come Sunday!



002 / B E   C L E V E R


Now I know it’s all well and good me telling you to stick to your macros but we full-timers know that lunchtime can be a bit of a mental battle. Whether it’s the client lunches you have to attend or the Starbucks lurking around the corner, it takes a certain amount of will power to not splurge. 


To keep yourself in check, go to Ikea, buy a set of Tupperware boxes and start prepping your food. Set aside an hour or so every Sunday to cook your meals for the week and let the freezer be your best friend. By taking a packed lunch, you can control what you are eating, save yourself time AND save yourself money. You also have the added guilt of not wanting to let your lunch sitting in the fridge go to waste the next time someone asks if you want a McDonalds at 12:34pm. 


When those client lunches crop up and you have no other choice but to eat out, try and be sensible. I think we will all agree free food is certainly one of the greater things in life and definitely something to get over excited about, but you can be clever with your order. Don’t go for the salad solely because it's ‘healthy’, pick out the option which will be easiest to track on My Fitness Pal. For me, I usually opt for some sort of meat with vegetables rather than a creamy pasta dish with a deliciously untrackable sauce. Dodge the alcohol too if appropriate (…but sometimes it’s rude not to have a small glass right.)



003 / B E   B A L A N C E D


One important thing I have learnt since starting my career is that you can miss a few workouts, veer away from the training plan and still keep your figure. When I was part-time I used to get a bit of anxiety if I skipped a scheduled workout but now I realise maybe I was hiding 'over-restriction' behind my 'dedication'. Don’t get me wrong, I think about fitness everyday – but now I accept that life happens and it’s okay if I feel too tired for leg day. 


I believe that if you want to be fitter and healthier then you must truly accept that it is a lifestyle change and not a temporary fitness kick. You are allowed to be lenient on yourself if your body and mind is telling you to slow down.


I know that I will always take care of my health and train on a fairly regular basis because it is the way I want to live my life. Some people can work-out five times a week, work a full-time job and be extremely content – and that is amazing because it works for them- but not everyone is the same. So if you are finding that your strict training regime is making you unhappy, be that physical injuries or changes in your mood, the chances are you need to take it easy for a little while. Remember life is about balance.We fitness gals too often forget we aren't all aspiring fitness models; we are real people with real jobs and real commitments.



004 / B E   O R G A N I S E D


I strongly believe half the battle of a workout is actually getting yourself there. I am sure you can relate – the feeling you get whilst on the tube after work... the do-I don’t-I conflict in your head about whether to go to the gym or not. How do you combat it?


I firstly want to add in reference to my previous point, as I said it is so important to have balance but by balance that doesn't mean skipping your workout just because you’d rather go home and watch Made in Chelsea on catch-up. That's just - as they call it - ceebs. Learning to distinguish genuine fatigue from genuine I-can’t-be-arsed can be a real game changer. 


When you know you are just being lazy, trick yourself into getting yourself to the gym. Once you are there and start working out you’ll feel amazing. If you like to train in the mornings, lay your gym kit out on a chair the night before so it’s ready and waiting for you. Better yet, sleep in it. If you like to train in the evenings, go to the bathroom once the clock hits home-time and get changed into your kit before you leave work. 


Don’t think too much about the workout itself, just focus on the steps to getting yourself there. Think Ross from Friends when Chandler has cold-feet before marrying Monica - “We’re just gonna go home and take a shower. Now, that’s not scary right?”. Be sneaky!




I hope these tips have helped some of you. If anyone has any questions or wants to share their own secrets then please leave a comment!



The Fashion Fitness Foodie x