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Guys, I qualified. I'm a personal trainer. It's official. It's Facebook official. Name change to The Fashion Fitness Foodie PT incoming. (Okay maybe not the last part.)

It was a long 10 weeks but I made it - thanks to the incredible team at No1 Fitness Education. I know a lot of you are super interested in what the course actually entails, so I thought I'd do a little run-through for you - from the perspective of someone who's just completed it.

Obviously all courses will differ and this is simply just the one I did with No1 Fitness Education; but I hope it gives you a lil insight.

The Format

Although their main course is one day per week over 12 weeks (which is amazing if you're studying alongside working), the one I took was a 6 week intensive. It was split up into two halves; Level 2 and Level 3 - and the learning was a mixture of practical and online. Working full time Mon - Fri at my actual job, this basically meant spending 4 weekends with the No1 Fitness Team, and every commute during the week on my phone doing the e-learning. 

Sounds pretty overwhelming but I actually loved it and genuinely miss spending my weekends with them all! (I'm the kind of person that gets thrillz out of being so productive with every hour of my week lol.)


The Online Learning

Unlike a lot of courses, the No1 Fitness guys actually made an app which was beyond helpful. The videos were separated into modules, and you just work your way through them, completing little tests as you complete each one.

There's 55 modules in total, with anywhere between 8-70 videos in each HOWEVER each video is 1-3 minutes long to stop you from zoning out (tysm guys). They also have both audio and text (and cute diagrams) so you can just listen or watch.

At the end of module 55, you have to complete a 60 question exam. Sounds scary - I know - but you'll be absolutely fine. Harry and the No1 team are fantastic and really prep you for it so you're fine.


The Practical Sessions

The practical sessions were organised on a Saturday and Sunday 10-4 for 4 weeks. Timings and length obviously differs depending on when/who you do it with, but the weekend sessions worked well for me and the other girls I was doing it with.

Although I was super excited to do some practical, hands-on learning; I was kind of nervous for how full on it would be. Balancing my job and doing 'Instagram stuff' on top was a lot of work but Harry, Paul, Ben and Mark were so supportive. The knowledge between the four of them was incredibly inspiring.

To be brutally honest - there's still so many qualified professionals in the industry giving awful and incorrect advice - it was so refreshing to be around sensible, evidence-based coaches.


The Support

Although I loved the content and the learning itself, what made my experience and got me through a hectic period was the insane support from No1. It can be nerve wrecking starting a course but before me and the rest of the students had even met, we were already in a Whatsapp group together - chatting away. And now, even though the course has ended, we still chat in there all the time and meet up to go and train.

The sense of community is like no other - I never felt stupid asking questions - and zero ego which can be super rare in the industry. Just saying.

They also mentioned they've seen a huge increase in female students recently which is so so great as it's been largely weighed with just males previously. Personal Training is for ALL. If you're female and thinking about becoming a PT - don't let anyone tell you 'it's only for guys'.


What's next?

Well. That's the question! Although my immediate plan isn't going to be coaching one-to-one clients, I'm doing my first class next month with Ted Baker which is going to be a huge step. V. excited as creating my first badass playlist though. Drake everything (sorry in advance to the attendees lol)

My goal - as always - is to cut through the bs in the industry and make fitness a little more accessible, less scary and generally less twat-ish lol. I have huge ambitions for next year - but the priority for me is to continue to learn so I can make sure I’m always providing you guys with the most accurate information I can.

This is why I’m going to be doing the Transformation Nutrition course with No1 again and become a qualified Nutriton Coach. (Yes, I’ve got the learning bug and I can’t stop haha) They're actually offer everyone the chance to do the first 3 modules for free because they want to make sure everyone gets a chance to see if it's right for them. (Just another reason why these guys are awesome.)

Link to the course is below, alongside the PT one itself.

But yeah - it's yet another stepping stone in the directly life is taking me. And I’m fucking excited. Thanks for being amazing and so support in everything I do. I don’t tell you guys enough how much I appreciate your weird/wonderful messages because I feel super cringe but I do bloody love ya.


Links and stuff

As mentioned from the get-go, No1 Fitness kindly took me onto this course in exchange for some exposure to you guys.

By this stage you'll know I simply won't promote anything I don't believe in and will  be the first to call out anything that doesn't seem right. So you can trust everything I'm saying here is what I actually feel. #SmileyFace



Artificial Sweeteners; The Lowdown by Dan Price

Artificial Sweeteners; The Lowdown by Dan Price