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The 'Fitness Blogger' Cliche I'm Conforming To

The 'Fitness Blogger' Cliche I'm Conforming To

No, I have not just signed with Women’s Best.
And no, I am not about to release a generic #booty workout plan.

I’m going to become a qualified person trainer with No1 Fitness Education.

Dun dun dun.

If you know me fairly well you’ll know I work in marketing within the fitness industry. I cover all things digital - building campaigns, executing campaigns, social media, website design; all the stuff my lovely mum doesn’t really understand when I tell her about it.

Marketing is what I studied during university, what I’ve done for the past 3 years and exactly what I plan to do for the foreseeable future. So why the personal training qualification?

In short, when No1 Fitness asked me my immediate instinct was to say yes.

I’ve had a mindset shift this summer. The anxiety-inducing growth of my Instagram combined with the reality of becoming a student again (I’m currently doing another digital marketing course. I bloody love a course)  has given me a bit of a push to just immerse myself more in the things I love; fitness, marketing and Instagram.

Doing the qualification feels like a piece of the jigsaw I’m currently building. However it’s just the kind of jigsaw that didn’t come with a box so I have no clue what the picture is going to be yet lol.

The course itself is half e-learning, half-practical. In addition to providing personal trainer qualifications, No1 Fitness also has a couple of studios in London for training clients - so they are practicing what they preaching day in, day out. 

I’m currently in the first week of the full 10 and I have to admit I am loving it already. This initial stage is about human body and how it moves so the language is pretty technical but I’m learning a lot.

Including ‘Lordosis’; the rounding of the lunar spine which can ‘sometimes make the buttocks appear more prominent.’ A condition which I feel might be effecting 50% of Instagram.

Anyway thanks for checking in with me. I’ll be doing another update once I’m further into the course. (When I am qualified there will still be no 'booty building' plan from me. Sorry.)

This is an insane opportunity with I'm collab'in with No1 Fitness on to document and share my journey with the course, being as brutally honest and genuine with you as always.

If you have an Q's about the course or studying to become a PT, just message me via Instagram (@thefashionfitnessfoodie) DM or email

The FFF x

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